May 19, 2008

Summer Astrology, with Horoscope and I Ching.

As the equinox means “equal night” when the light and dark are given equal time, we might re-evaluate our biases. With Pluto in Capricorn—the sign of the Father—it implies the Mother, which then evokes the ongoing struggles and fascination between men and women, Mom and Dad. The earth’s slant at 23.4 degrees conveniently affords us these calendrical opportunities while the Spring Equinox offered us a fresh start.

The three qualities of the 12 signs are cardinal, fixed and mutable energies. The recent entrance of Pluto in Capricorn presents us with cardinal issues that will be quite different from the mutable matters of the last 12 years, when Pluto was in Sagittarius. During these years we’ve suffered from everyone’s ideas. From neo-conservative fantasies of ruling the world to religious views of abortion, marriage and infidel, we’ve been lost in rhetoric and ideology. Thanks for sharing! 

The time for ideas is over. Sagittarius may help us to uncover good and true thought. The cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) are the signs of initiation energy—a bit more primordial than higher thought. Aries is the pioneer, the individual who goes forth to lead the way into new light. Libra is the sign of relationship, wherein suddenly the other is important regardless of our individual desires (these two signs lie opposite one another in the sky and in our lives). Cancer is the sign of the mother, and Capricorn the father. These two signs carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Mom and Dad—what a big job! The shift of Pluto into Capricorn brings up all our emotions about our parents—as well as those about men and women, generally. 

This is patently obvious in the our political situation. We certainly have a Dad (Granddad?) in McCain and a Mom in Clinton. Then there is the son, Obama, who carries the charge of youth and in so doing opposes both parents. So American! And so we choose according to our preferred points of view—maternal, paternal, fraternal—and, as usual, we’ll get the leader we deserve (since the U.S. of A. itself was born with Pluto in Capricorn). Suddenly, two of America’s biggest movements, Suffrage and Civil Rights, are running for President in the person of a white woman and a black man. Which guilt will drive us? We’re painfully aware of it, but are only learning how to speak about it. 

This “conversation” will haunt us until Pluto moves to the next sign. Seventeen years of intense conversations might clarify our values. For now, it’s going to be the familiar old Capricorn battle. The problem for both men and women will be the issues brought up by the opposite sign, Cancer, which rules our feeling nature as well as emotional expectations of all kinds. All of us will have to stand up for our feelings—as crazy as they can be, they hold real information. No more Prozac!

Meanwhile, Capricorn will try to maintain control. Since it is the sign of the messiah principle, we’ll have our share of those who promise to save us from ourselves. It’s always tempting to think someone else can do it for us—but spiritually-speaking, the messiah can’t appear until we’re ready to take responsibility for ourselves. 

This brings me to Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn aspires to have a form that holds meaning. That’s why Capricorns usually like antiques and the old ways. On a deeper level, it is the sign of the light returning to the dark. Is there light in our life path? Our institutions? All of us will be seeking the answers. Light will seek a form to hold and honor it—if only our actions always reflected that aspiration! 

Whatever the vagaries, it’s a good time to get enlightened—a process that demands we surrender our big ideas and requires a 24/7 commitment. Good luck!

Susan Edwards, a metaphysical counselor for 40 years, is one of Naropa University’s foremothers. 

> Aries What goals are you setting? Try some new ones.     

> Taurus Finally you understand what the birds are saying to you. Share the news!

> Gemini Forget schemes. Let nature take its course.

> Cancer Graceful handling of troublesome emotions. Congrats!

> Leo Recheck your astrology chart. The stars are calling.

> Virgo Surely you’re paying attention to body messages, yes?

> Libra Life isn’t fair. A Libran probably said that.

> Scorpio Keep setting those priorities. Keep #1 first.

> Sagittarius Good thing you’re still willing to learn, even if it’s back to square one.

> Capricorn Take some time to look at yourself. Some valuable info is waiting for you to take notice.

> Aquarius Wearing yourself out fighting for justice? Take a nap.

> Pisces: Time to surrender your favorite opinions about the meaning of life. You know more without them.


Hexagram 20.
Viewing changing to 9: Small Accumulation

The message here is a bit political. We are all contemplating Change but we have to work with childish
and limited views in order to improve our understanding of ourselves before we can accomplish great things. We’re on the way. May we benefit our world!
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