July 20, 2008

elevision turns 1.1 years old: Anne Waldman

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, lately—even a tad depressed—feeling like we have so far to go (which we do), with so few resources (also true). Then I remember that our third elevision ever was only a year and a month ago, with Anne Waldman, in the backyard of a downtown Boulder café. And now elevision is at the historic Boulder Theater, a big venue. Still, we couldn’t ask for a better guest than famous Buddhist feminist Naropa University poet Anne Waldman, who we’ve had the honor to interview a few times—including at elephant:live, an earlier incarnation of elevision, back in the day, which was also at the Boulder Theater. Which makes me think that maybe we haven’t come so far. Now I’m depressed, again.

But then I watch the video—probably one of my more painful ‘performances’ as an interviewer, ever, mostly because I was and am in awe of Anne, and interviewing her is akin, perhaps, to touching a lightening rod. And I see I’ve learned a thing or two about being a host—like how to shut up, how to listen—and I see that things’ve come a little ways, after all.

The video: Added: June 26, 2007
Anne Waldman has protested wars, performed alongside Allen Ginsberg and the Beats, published over 40 books, co-founded a University and now–perhaps her toughest assignment ever—she is interviewed by a very over-caffeinated, awe-struck Waylon.

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