August 1, 2008

Light a Candle 4 Tibet: August 7th.

Light for Tibet in the 24 hours preceding the Olympic Games.

THE SAD SMOKY MOUNTAINS & skyscrapers join Candle for Tibet campaign will ignite red smoke on hundreds of mountaintops, and on several skyscrapers and landmarks in major cities.

  • Candle for Tibet asks you to put a candle in windows, desks, or anywhere else where others will see it. Many will participate in candle vigils throughout the world.
  • CFT calls on all light artists in the world to create light shows for freedom.
  • CFT calls for all those who plan to attend the opening ceremony in Beijing to light a candle, flash light, a lighter or even a cell phone during the ceremony.

The Light Protest for freedom.

On Thursday August 7th at 9:00 p.m. local time 100,000,000 people, from every corner of earth, will light candles in hundreds of planned candle-lit vigils, with their friends or at their homes. They will call for freedom in Tibet. (All details can be founds at CFT’s press room)

SSM&S will send on the day following CFT’s candle action hundreds of mountain climbers and volunteers to ignite red smoke flares on Skyscrapers roofs in NY, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and other major cities around the world, and on over 100 mountain tops in 3 continents. The smoke ignition will coincide with the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing.

“We are now ready to instruct hundreds of red smoke flares in cities all over the world” says artist Alberto Peruffo, the project’s creator. “We will flare up the skies red from buildings, monuments and palaces”

SSM&S has already proven record. On May 11th hundreds of mountaineers climbed to the summits of over 100 mountains in Europe, Asia, North and South America, where they flared up the sky red calling for a free Tibet (Link to images at the bottom)

“This is an exciting development” says David Califa, CFT’s creator and organizer, “It’s a fantastic artistic action for freedom. We are calling on every light artist in the world to join us. We are also calling on all freedom lovers in the world to drive with their cars’ headlights on, in the 24 hours preceding the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on August 8th.”

CFT is endorsed and supported by the International Tibet Support Network (ITSN), the global coalition of Tibet-related non-governmental organizations, almost all other major International Tibet support groups, and several local support groups.

Candle for Tibet: http://www.candle4tibet.org
CFT Social Network: http://candle4tibet.ning.com/
CFT Press Room: http://www.erichopr.com/releases/c4t.htm

Contact: David Califa Email: [email protected]
Sad Smoky Mountains web site:http://www.sadsmokymountains.net/
SSM&S YouTube page: http://it.youtube.com/user/sadsmokymountains
Images from the May 11th Ignition: http://www.antersass.it/sadsmokymountains/first_ignition_photos.htm
Alberto Peruffo: [email protected]

Partial list of targeted mountains for August 8 (Urban locations will be revealed to the media before the Light Protest starts) All heights in meters:

MATTERHORN 4478 m (Alps, Switzerland) MONTE ROSA 4634 m (Alps, Italy) MONTE BIANCO 4810 m (Alps, France) DOLOMITI 3300 m (Alps, Italy) VOLCANO SAJAMA 6530 (Andes, Bolivia) ALPAMAYO 5947 m (Andes, Peru) HUASCARUN SUR 6768 m (Andes, Peru) CHOPICALQUI 6354 m (Andes, Peru) NORTH TABLE MOUNTAIN (Colorado, USA) STOK KANGRI 6137 (Himalaya, India)

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