July 2, 2008

US apes Communist Chinese torture techniques (on US soldiers) in Korea that elicited many false confessions.

You know you’re on the wrong path when:

1) you’re a Democracy but…

2) your military is teaching Chinese Communist torture techniques (used on US soldiers in Korea, no less) for use on your prisoner camp

2a) those torture techniques, while ‘mild,’ were ineffective in Korea—eliciting many false confessions

3) Your prisonor camp is located in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba so that your POWs can’t receive time-honored, basic America rights (right to a lawyer, right to be charged before being held against will)

You know you can still be a patriot when:

1) thanks to the fourth estate the New York Times can expose such tragic silliness effected under the Bush Administration and

2) on November 8th, if you’re registered to vote, you can help Kick the Bums Out for either McCain or Obama, both of whom are against torture, including ‘torture-lite.’

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Read 1 comment and reply

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