July 23, 2008

www of the week: GreenZoneOnline

Thanks to elephant’s super-hi-tech patent-pending auto link/blog notification technology, we just stumbled upon a goldmine…greenmine…full of great daily blogs and…one of their Top Ten Lists caught my attention, in particular:

GreenZoneOnline‘s Top Ten Ways to Green Your Spouse:

“Okay, I admit it. I can’t really help you green your spouse or significant other, but I can tell you what NOT to do based on my own, hard-won experience. Perhaps these suggestions will keep you out of the counselor’s office, away from a divorce attorney, and on speaking terms with your other, less green half.

  1. Do NOT turn off every switch in the house! I did this once, not realizing that one switch actually turned off the power to an outlet. Unfortunately for me, my hubby’s laptop was plugged into that outlet and… in the middle of some very important programs. Doh! This snafu had him giving me the evil eye for days and possibly set back my green campaign months or even years.
  2. Do NOT criticize his or her cooking and non-green ingredients, especially when she or he is in the middle of preparing dinner. Remember those hidden cameras in restaurants? Well, just because you are married or living together doesn’t mean your plate won’t end up with some extra salt, used coffee grounds, or in my case a double dose of habanero peppers. I think a portion of my tongue is still numb from that one and that was 3 years ago!
  3. Do NOT recommend not flushing toilets as an alternative to low-flow toilets or even as a temporary measure to save water. This was one suggestion my other half was only too happy to follow. The problem was this man produces more methane and waste product than a herd of cows. After we nearly blew up the house 3 days into this experiment when we tried to turn on the gas stove, I bit the bullet and used my own money to buy and install low-flow toilets. Trust me.It is safer to find an alternative way to save water in some cases.
  4. Do NOT suggest showering together …”
…for more, go to the site itself. Ty Hammes, web master supreme, add it to our blogroll svp!


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Read 2 comments and reply

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