August 19, 2008

3 Choices, 3 Days: Obama to announce VP! My prediction.

In my humble, ignorant opinion, it’s down to three choices for Obama’s Vice President, which he’s supposed to announce in the next three days. Edwards is out, of course. Hillary’s gaffe last week has got to be the nail in the coffin for the idea of the super-ticket, however tempting.

I say it’s either Bayh (who gives an All-American, Middle American appeal and could help wrest Indiana from Republicans’ grasp), Biden (who represents foreign affairs experience, a senior and well-respected member of the Senate, yet wild and charming enough not to go against Obama’s CHANGE appeal) and Kaine, gov’ner of Virginia, who though relatively unknown was an early ally back when few thought Obama had a real shot (pre-Iowa) and, like Bayh, counters fears of Obama’s ‘otherness.’

If I were in Vegas, a betting man, I’d have to go with Bayh. Why? There’s nothing wrong with him. Nothing. He’s nice, he’s powerful, he’s well-liked, good-looking and as American as white bread. Kaine is good, but too unknown. Biden is strong, but his big, ever-smiling mouth makes him a bit of a wild-card. If it’s not Bayh, it’s got to be Biden, he’d be my second choice. If it’s Kaine or anyone else on the list, drinks on me.

Here’s a bonus, a video briefing from Camp Obama:


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