August 13, 2008

John McCain’s soon-to-be-announced VP…who’s the Greenest of them all?

Pawlenty? Crist? Thune? Mitt? My new favorite eco/politics blog, Red Green & Blue, strikes again with Timothy B. Hurst‘s rundown of John McCain’s options and their attitude toward the earth they walk on.

Remember: both choices for VP this election cycle, Obama’s and McCain’s, will be super-important. McCain is 73, so having a backup is vital. And Obama looks to be the first black president…an act of courage in and of itself. Furthermore, both candidates’ VP selections will have to do some heavy-lifting to compensate for their President’s perceived weaknesses. Obama needs someone All-American and relatable from a big purple state…and McCain needs someone…well, young. And, probably, very Christian (McCain’s far-right bonafides are lacking, despite his recent behavior). 

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