August 20, 2008

Tea-off: Numi vs. Organic India vs. Celestial Seasonings vs. Choice vs. Zhena’s vs. Bija vs. Yogi.

Tea is to Coffee as Soccer is to Football—huge everywhere but in the US..

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Behind coffee, you say? Or Coca-Cola? Nope—behind only water. 

I’m busy selling ads right now, so we can stay alive, continue to thrive and go to press in only two weeks (!), but soon this sentence will be xxxxxnayed and in its place will be a tea-off smackdown comparison of eco/organic/mindful teas available in your local Whole Foods, co-op etc. We’ll compare Celestial Seasonings (the granddaddy of natural America teas), Yogi Tea, Organic India (one of our first web advertisers), Numi Tea, Zhena’s (who we just interviewed at LOHAS), Choice, Bija (who’s supported us for years, god bless) and any other great organic/eco tea cos that in recent years have grown and blossomed in the US market.

For now, I’ll leave you with this thought: In 2006, Americans drank over 50 million servings of tea. Sorry, 50 billion.

US tea consumption has increased for 15 consecutive years. If tea were a stock, I’d say buy, buy, buy!

Until this review fills out, do me a favor: if I’ve missed any great teas that should be included in this review, or you have kind words to say about your favorite tea, please say so.

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Read 11 comments and reply

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