August 17, 2008

Savory Spice Shop: Everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout the new kids in town

Back in 2004, I had the pleasure of discovering a newly opened spice shop on Platte St. in Denver. The owners proved to be very cool people, and their spices were reasonably priced and were the best, highest quality spices I’d ever come across.

I quickly made it a point to frequent their shop, poring over the new blends they’d created and talking with them about spices I’d not only never seen before, but I’d never even heard of before. Mike and Janet were as knowledgeable as they were friendly, and they quickly earned my loyalty to their shop and their products. Sometime later, I moved to where Boulder was closer to me than Denver, and so I became more of a regular Boulder visitor than a Denver visitor, but I still made regular pilgrimages to Denver specifically to pick up more spices for my cabinet (yes, their spices ARE that good). Then came the magic day when Dan Hayward, who was working at the Denver store at the time, told me that Savory Spice Shop was looking to expand to Boulder. Since that time, I eagerly awaited news of their opening, and recently that came to be. Savory Spice Shop has arrived in Boulder, much to my delight, and apparently to the delight of quite a few residents of Boulder: the store was hopping when I stopped in this past Friday afternoon. I took some time to check out the new digs, some new blends, and to check out and comment on the addition of the organic spices lines as well. Dan is now the owner of the Boulder store, and I’m glad to say that the same level of customer service and friendliness I’d grown accustomed to at the Denver store is present in the Boulder branch. If you haven’t yet been and you like to cook even a little bit, then you gotta head on over. They’re at 2041 Broadway, right next door to Oliv You & Me and not too far away from Om Time Yoga and Design Within Reach studio. Support independent, local business and go check ‘em out! (And tell ’em Elephant sent ya!)

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