August 10, 2008

video: Consume & Save the World? This is a job for…Americans! Tommy Rosen tames the Capitalism Beast @ Eco Gift’s Xmas Xpo.

Tommy Rosen, founder of Eco Gift, and his wife/boss, yoga teacher Kia Miller, are two of the kindest, coolest people I’ve met. Recently, at the LOHAS conference at the lovely shiny new St. Julien Hotel in the green and I mean green valley that is Boulder, Colorado, they let me slide my lunch tray over and sit with them at the kind/cool kids’ table in the cafeteria. That’s an analogy. Point is…what I’m trying to get at…is that Tommy and Kia embody what Pangea and elephant and Treehugger and DWELL are all, in our own way, trying to do: make hippieness (at its root, giving a shiite about our ecosystem) cool. Problem is, I’m over-caffeinated, which makes it difficult to (think) write. So: let’s get to the VIDEO…and let this lovely couple talk for

themselves…about the virtues of fair-trade, putting the caring back in the Holidays, and other good stuff. Like what you see, search ‘Tommy Rosen’ and you’ll find two more vids Alex and I et lest autre elephants did last year.

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