August 26, 2008

Ecofashion & Gardening: “You look like what you eat”

For the first time in years, this summer, I have been all about our garden but for the last decade, being a fashion/city girl, I never took much interest in gardening. I remember back to my childhood, rolling around in mulch, picking rhubarb and eating carrots straight out of the dirt. Now, having moved back to the “old” country and converted myself as nature girl re-visited, we have been eating like kings. There is nothing better than fresh produce picked 5 minutes before you cook it or eat it raw. The amount of nutrients you lose by waiting days for that stuff to arrive off the plane from California or even Ontario just doesn’t cut it anymore, not to mention the fuel just getting it here.

I thought I would write my first eco-fashion blog on something a little more personal and close to my heart than any actual product you can buy in a store or online. This garden represents the heart of environmentalism, sustainability and yes believe it or not, fashion.

Isn’t it true what they say, “you are what you eat”? So then it makes sense to say, “you look what you eat” and isn’t fashion all about looking good? I want to fit into my new raw organic denim high waist bell-bottoms so I am eating healthy colorful freshness. Even if you don’t have that special place in your backyard you may have a farmers market nearby or luckily a friend may beg you to come pick because their garden is overflowing with string beans and blueberries. I took some pictures of our garden and I want to share them, I hope they make your mouth water.

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