September 27, 2008

1st Debate video: Obama fights to a draw on McCain’s home turf: Commander-in-Chief.

 I watched the debates tonight with fuzzy eyes, having just finally gone to press one hour ago. I’m exhausted—and psyched to shower, go to Yoga Journal conference tomorrow, go out on the town—and see the new magazine come off press.

Debate Roundup:

McCain continued to run from Bush, even trying tar Obama as “stubborn” like the current Administration. Obama looked cool, calm and collected—not like a boy on stage with a man—and Obama even succeeded in coming off as forceful, powerful, knowledgeable with good judgement. That said, McCain reminded me of the man I used to admire—a bit hot-headed and self-concerned, but overall a good, thoughtful man (the shadow of McPalin one heartbeat behind McCain, however, kept me from gravitating toward the older senator even an inch). 

Live blow-by-blow wrap-up.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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