September 24, 2008

Adventures in a Swing State

And…Here we go…

Here are a couple of numbers that I pulled up from a poll from Quinnipiac University, before I post them, as a point of perhaps misplaced (perhaps not) pride, Quinnipiac University was located just North of some of my favorite haunts in New Haven, Connecticut.

Connecticut, you know, that tiny state that’s just South of Colorado in the Alphabet?

A note, before you click, this is good news for those who got the Blues, so bad.  uh huh.

Obama leads 55 – 40 percent among Colorado women likely voters, while men back McCain 49 – 42 percent. White voters back McCain 51 – 44 percent as Hispanic voters go with Obama 68 – 26 percent. Obama and McCain are tied 48 – 48 percent with voters 18 to 34 years old, while voters 35 to 54 back Obama 52 – 42 percent. Voters over 55 go 47 percent with McCain and 46 percent with Obama.
Obama will bring change, 46 percent of voters say, while 22 percent say McCain will bring change and 26 percent say neither candidate will bring change.
McCain’s selection of Gov. Palin as a running mate is a good choice, voters say 55 – 38 percent, and Obama’s selection of Sen. Biden is a good choice, voters say 52 – 32 percent.
But by a 49 – 42 percent margin, voters would rather see Biden as President. Women pick Biden 52 – 37 percent while men go 46 percent to Palin and 45 percent Biden.
The economy is the most important issue in the election, 51 percent of Colorado voters say. Obama better understands the economy, voters say 47 – 41 percent, while McCain better understands foreign policy, voters say 63 – 29 percent.
In the U.S. Senate race, U.S. Rep. Mark Udall, the Democrat, leads Republican Robert Schaffer 48 – 40 percent, compared to a 44 – 44 percent tie July 24.
“Two years ago when the Democrats picked Denver for their convention, one of the main reasons was the hope it would help them win Colorado, which is shaping up as a key state in the Electoral College. Sen. Obama has come from behind to take the lead there and it is a reasonable assumption that the convention has something to do with this,” Brown said.

The Senate Race was what’s important to us here living in Colorado, and I wanted to just talk a little bit about that before I comment on something strange I noticed in the polls.  I’m quite surprised that Udall is still able to pull ahead of Schaffer (albeit not by a HUGE margin, but still pretty significant) in spite of the barrage of negative advertisements, one of which hit on a classic scare tactic.

Ladies and gentlemen, yes, we have sunk so low as to try to scare the living shit out of you in order to get some votes.  You’ve really got to wonder about those late night conference calls in order to produce commecials of this caliber.  To my mind, it’s kind of like thinking about Nelly up late at night at his giant oaken writing desk, burning the midnight oil, quill pen in hand and a stack of crumpled papers next to him, muttering to himself “It’s getting hot in hurr…so…turn up the A/C…???  NO!  BLAST!”

As for my short comment on the general election, did you notice that according to this poll, the heat was dead even between Palin and Biden for who men in Colorado would like to see as President?

I suppose the question could have been phrased thus: “Who would you rather have ordering you around?  Some old dude, or a hot hockey mom with a shotgun dangling haphazardly over the corpse of a freshly slaughtered moose?”

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