September 12, 2008

Desiplex: A simple eco home (party like it’s 1899)

I want to talk to you folks about the term “living with less is living with more”.

Our good friend Desiree lives in an apartment in Montreal and bikes to work, but not that long ago her summer abode was a simple eco home nestled away from the Lighthouse route on Nova Scotia’s south shore.

We were all invited to Desi’s one Friday night for a Bon Voyage party and it blew me away. I will do my best to describe her dwellings…

Her bedroom is an old caravan while the roomy steering wheel area is her lounge. Her kitchen and indoor garden is a greenhouse that houses half the caravan as well.  Her bathroom and recreational office is outside.

Did I fail to mention that her old VW diesel runs on veggie oil?

Desi is a special girl who grew up with intellectually green parents. She had the right education and the right environment to create a completely self-sustaining home with an artistic flair.

She even has a water pump for heck sake.

Prior to her departure party, Desi put down all her own chickens. Talk about responsible action.

I really enjoyed the bbq dinner on an open fire grill, dessert and music in her candlelit greenhouse, the relaxing lay down on her hammock while stargazing and the midnight dip nearby at nearby Crescent Beach.

This is one way to enjoy life while not consuming electricity or oil.  We partied like it was 1899.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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