September 22, 2008

Former Virginia Senator George Allen’s Adventures in Minority Outreach


If you thought that the Republican party couldn’t be anymore clueless, guess again. Two years after former Virginia senator George Allen used a racial slur during his 2006 re-election campaign, he was an invited guest speaker at a GOP minority outreach rally onSaturday. Held at Edison High School in Alexandria, VA, the event featured various ethnic dance troupes and representatives from several minority communities from Virginia. Other speakers included several congressional candidates, Virginia governor James S. Gilmore III, Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez and Joe McCain, the brother of Sen. John McCain.
According to the Washington Post, when Allen took the stage demonstrators Victoria Leavelle and Nancy Hwa interrupted Allen with shouts of “George Allen is a racist! Shame on the Republican Party for having him speak!” When they were forced to leave the rally they continued their protest outside the event.
When speaking about the immigrant experience in America, Allen, the son of the former NFL coach George Allen, made a comparison to growing up in a “football family where you have a level playing field and you didn’t care . . . what their ethnicity was, where they were from, their race. It didn’t matter, as long as they could help that team win. And all of you all here are part of Team Virginia or Team America.”
Who knew that the minority experience could be so easily explained by a football metaphor. Thanks George.
To see the infamous George Allen video from August 11, 2006, go here.

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