September 17, 2008

McCain gets all Rove on the Economy.

Here’s the editorial, from the same editorial board on the NY Times that, only months ago, endorse McCain over all his Republican rivals in the primaries. As some of you know, I’m a longtime fan of McCain (as many liberals have been). He’s been moderate and even progressive on issues like immigration rights, global warming, campaign finance for years. That is, of course, until he had to run to the right in the primaries…and then, in the first few months, getting his xxx kicked by Obama’s tight ship of a campaign, he let go his longtime advisers and took on Bush’s team. Now he sounds like a Bush Rove Cheny: when reality strikes in the form of the economy, he blames anyone who dares question “the American worker.” Brilliant. That’ll help no one, lease of all the American worker… Click here for article.

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