September 30, 2008

Treehugger: 7 Ways to make yourself Recession-Proof.


A great article via Treehugger, one of our fave green-focused clean modern web sites. Excerpt:

“George Monbiot wrote in the Guardian almost exactly a year ago that a recession might not be a bad thing, and that perhaps there can be too much growth. He also wondered if we all have enough cars and cellphones, and don’t need to keep making them. Perhaps he should be careful what he wishes for.

It is true that in times of economic contraction, there is less fuel burned and less pollution created, as industries make less stuff and there are fewer trucks carrying it. Russia’s air got dramatically cleaner after the fall of Communism and all the old factories closed. 

It is also true that almost all of the things that we preach as being good for the planet are also good for getting recession-ready; use less stuff, lower your heating bills, reduce your use of electricity, make your own dinner — all these things that make less carbon dioxide also save us money. Most of them make you healthier, too. Here are a few ideas from Planet Green:

1: Get Your Car Recession Ready…” For the article, click here.


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