October 22, 2008

Nader, Nader, Nader. You’re a great guy, an idealist, a hero—but on Nov 4, please look at the Big Picture.

All the below may be true, but Obama is as better than the other guy as Gore was better than Bush—and Nader, who’s as old as McCain, is not gonna win. This is about idealism vs. reality. Support Nader if you want to up to the last day, then vote reality. You have 364 other days to help create a third party—who can say after 2000 that we wouldn’t have been so, so much better off with Mr. Lesser of Two Evils? Gore would have tried to fight Global Warming, he wouldn’t have gone into Iraq certainly, he would have continued the winning economic policies of Big Bill…Gooooobama!

Video, with thanks for the tip to Tom Frascone, a true idealistic patriot and stylee fixie riding NYer:


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