October 9, 2008

Yo(ga), it’s MC Yogi rappin’ on Barack Obama in 08. Vote 4 Hope!

Hahahahahahahah: one of the hippest, best, funnest, truest videos I’ve seen in a long time. Long time: Change begins when we believe/ in a brighter day/ a better way to succeed…that’s why I’m calling to this nation this generation…video (spread the good word to the people, email this on!):::

Info: White Swan Records presents MC Yogi’s new release…Elephant Power!



What happens when you combine yoga with hip hop?  In the hands of recording artist MC Yogi, you get a first-of-its kind new record mixing the energy, beats and vocal stylings of rap music with traditional Indian instruments, kirtan-style chanting and yoga-inspired lyrics. With 14 original tracks celebrating Indian mythology and spirituality, MC Yogi’s genre-bending debut, Elephant Power, offers a devotional hip hop experience.

Produced by Sean Dinsmore and the 
Bhakti Brothers (Robin Livingston, & MC Yogi), Elephant Power features an all star cast including Krishna Das, Bhagavan Das, Jai Uttal and Sharon Gannon. Standout tracks include the upbeat anthems “Ganesh Is Fresh” and “Rock On Hanuman”. “Be the Change” updates the inspiring tale of Mahatma Gandhi, and reminds of the power one person has to change in the world.

By merging the myths and teachings of yoga with his love for hip hop music, MC Yogi brings us a modern incarnation of an ancient wisdom tradition. Experience Yoga Hip Hop, an Elephant Powered explosion of devotion!    


“MC Yogi channels the ancient devotional spirit of India in a completely original way with love, respect, humor and joy.”–Krishna Das
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With the 2008 presidential election, Americans face a pivotal choice between not just two candidates, but two paradigms. We need someone who understands the complexity of our time. Someone who believes in investing in renewable energy, in education, in women’s rights, in civil rights, in healthcare for Americans. Someone who believes in dealing with global issues with diplomacy so we can restore our respect in the world. Barack Obama represents the change we need and can lead us into a brighter future.Vote For Hope was written to encourage and inspire the hip hop generation—and everyone—to get involved, and contribute their time, energy, creativity, and other resources to be the change they want to see in the world. We have been inspired by the artistic and musical contributions that have been pouring out accross the nation in support of Barack Obama’s campaign. Vote for Hope is our offering to this creative movement. It is our way of adding our small voice to the collective voice of millions of Americans calling for a change.

To see what we mean check out this great speech from a worthy leader: 

Make sure to Vote on November 4th!
Here is where you can register: VoteforChange.com

“Vote for Hope” was written by M.C. Yogi and produced by Robin Livingston. The “Vote for Hope” video was created at Ursa Minor Arts and Media in San Rafael, CA with chief animator James Curtis, using designs and direction from M.C. Yogi. Video funded and supported by grassroots donations.


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