November 25, 2008

G.M. = Green Machine. [Volt, Electric Car]

When trying to make money in short-term, think short-term. Make big trucks and other POS that pollute your grandchildren’s skies and suck the last oil out of our earth. When going out of business, go to Washington and ask for free money! When trying to convince them you’re thinking long-term, apparently green now equals green.

It’s called the Volt, and it’s not just a car—it’s G.M.’s Great Green Hope.

Excerpt from nytimes.com:

Executives at General Motors, the largest and apparently the most imperiled of the three American car companies, are using the Volt as the centerpiece of their case to a skeptical Congress that their business plan for a turnaround is strong, and that a federal bailout would be a good investment in G.M.’s future.

In ads that ran this week, the company said of the Volt: “This is not just a car. It’s a vision of our future.” Another claimed that the vehicle would “completely reinvent the automotive industry.

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