November 17, 2008

No-Shave November: a noble cause?

We’ve made it halfway through our university system’s favorite useless boycott. Maybe green citizens can appreciate minimizing the waste associated the shaving (disposable razors, razor heads), but it’s likely that most college men participating in the movement are simply expressing their laziness. 

“Fuzzy, scruffy and hairy are “in” right now for young men on college campuses nationwide, and the fad will remain trendy throughout November, as beards grow and mustaches flourish in an effort to boycott shaving.”

Talia Schmidt, of the University of Oregon reports on the Movement. But, soon No-Shave November may become more than just a month-long expression of laziness. Could it actually be a cause worth enduring itchiness and reduced sexual appeal? Could this cultural phenomenon grow to make a difference in the lives of others?


Or perhaps, boys just like a reason to reclaim their manliness


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