December 23, 2008

Jupiter Goes Debilitated. What Does This Mean? ~Sarah J. Miller

If you are a Jyotish geek like myself, then you are probably already aware that Jupiter (Guru) has recently gone into its debilitation sign, Capricorn, as of December 9th. Let’s break this down. For the non-astrologically fluent, what does this mean? How will this affect the next thirteen months of our lives?

Jupiter is called Guru or Brihaspati in Sanskrit and is considered the most benefic and favorable of the nine planets. He represents all that is positive, expansive, and beneficial and rules such things as teaching, religion, wealth, knowledge, education, and optimism. Not surprisingly, he owns the signs Sagittarius and Pisces.

When a planet is strong, in a friendly placement or house, and surrounded by happy influences from other planets, it will joyfully give its positive effects. If, however, the planet is in a house or sign that it does not like, aspected or surrounded by planets that are unfriendly, well, the opposite occurs. The planet may not be able to defend itself from negative influences or it just may not be able to exhibit it’s purpose, power or strength. Debilitation is such a placement.

Jupiter is not happy in Capricorn. The energetics of the two seem to clash. For the next thirteen months, plus or minus, Guru will be faltering a bit and will not be the dynamic planet he normally is.

This could be considered a rest phase for many of us (not a bad thing), as well as a huge time of learning about our weaknesses (also not a bad thing.) People may start to care for the underdog or the poor and needy like never before- or at least be more aware of them. Traditional views will be more prevalent in the media and in society as a whole. People may cling more to their doctrines and ultra conservative religious views. Some may fall on financial obstructions or career problems. I expect Americans to be speaking their minds and opinions like never before- for better or worse.

It will be interesting to see how the media responds to this planetary shift along with the new Administration. No doubt it will be a very memorable year for President-elect Obama. He may have some difficulties as the new leader of the most powerful and wealthiest nation of the world. Guru represents wisdom, gurus, teachers and leaders after all. (According to some Jyotishis, Obama is a Capricorn rising with a debilitated Jupiter in his first house.)

If all this sounds too negative, take heart! Depending on your rising sign and your individual chart, you may or may not have a year to remember either way. There are always variables that must be taken into consideration as well as the fact that karmas play out differently for every individual. Also, it must be noted that Jupiter will be doing some rare traveling this year. He will leave Capricorn briefly, moving into Aquarius (happier placement) and then Pisces (very happy placement) for several months this spring before he returns back to Capricorn to finish out the transit. This little rendezvous will bring much upliftment to all and will no doubt bless us with a few exciting, positive twists.

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