December 18, 2008

An Eco, Cowboy-style Dog Tag.

My big pup (he’s about 15 in human years, now, an adolescent hyper happy troublemaker) lost all his tags a month or so ago when he was wrestling with his fellow rescue buddy, the gigantic, vicious-looking dog next door. Instead of getting a new tag printed up, I held off—living outside of the law, Redford and I hid in the shadows, daring the Animal Control folks in their white vans to fine us $250 for walkin’ around without proper ID.

Why’d I hold off?

‘Cause I’m Eco Boy—I wanted a dog tag that was made of recycled metal, or sumpin’ that would in its humble, symbolic way identify Redford and I as trying to do our little best to minimize our outsized karma footprint.

Last night, picking up some wet dog food for Redford at my favorite local independent pet store, Farfel’s Farm on Pearl St. in Boulder, Colorado (the wet food, while organic and quality, is actually cheaper than at Whole Foods) I saw it—a cowboy-style handmade dog tag made by a local mountain-dwelling artiste.

So I bought one, and look forward to getting it in my (indie hardware store) McGuckin’s bought silver mailbox sometime next week. Red and I will then be able to hold our heads high—both in front of Animal Control—and in front of ecofashionistas, and in front of my local artist community.

Want one of your own? Call or email Farfel’s Farm. They can ship ’em to you, wherever you live. You don’t have to be present to choose your dog tag—just say if you want girly stones in it, or simple and cowboyish like Redford’s—give your dog’s name and your phone number—and you’re good to go.

Need an eco dog collar? Click here to check out this woman-owned company’s re-used (even better than recycled) innertube collar.

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