December 28, 2008

Recant, Warren! A Brilliant editorial re Civil Unions, Gay Rights, Obama, Inauguration, the changing Evangelical tide & Rick Warren.

We’ve done a few posts on this subject. Three, actually. One, two, three. I’m still inclined to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, personally, and bring fair-minded bigots to the table in hopes that their presence will further reduce the power of their whacko Evangelical hard-right brothers. That said, I think Warren’d better recant his horribly un-civil comments about gay marriage before he does so, or I’ll be front and center with two shoes at the ready. 

Here’s today’s Sunday NY Times article. Read it if you care about gay rights. Excerpt:

Unlike Bush, Obama has been the vocal advocate of gay civil rights he claims to be. It is over the top to assert, as a gay writer at Time did, that the president-elect is “a very tolerant, very rational-sounding sort of bigot.” Much more to the point is the astute criticism leveled by the gay Democratic congressman Barney Frank, who, in dissenting from the Warren choice, said of Obama, “I think he overestimates his ability to get people to put aside fundamental differences.” That’s a polite way of describing the Obama cockiness. It will take more than the force of the new president’s personality and eloquence to turn our nation into the United States of America he and we all want it to be.

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