December 18, 2008

The Elephantmobile: Westfalia Solar Diesel Hybrid VW Camper Van.

It’s late, I shouldn’t be typing, I should be cuddling with my pup Redford (who I left behind last week) and getting through the second half of Toshiro Mifune’s Samurai Trilogy, which I’ve seen a half dozen times since my best friend Noel and I used to watch it (and anything by Kurosawa, and anything Marx Bros) at the Boulder Public Library back when we were little wandering ronin.


So, I recently got rid of my car, finally. I’m a 365 day cyclist now (except for those days when I fly around the country, doing my small-yet-significant part to help make all our skies look like LA or Denver’s brown horizons). So while I may not be a member of Car Nation any longer, I do still dream of roadtripping in an ecoish wireless-equipped vehicle with staff and random friends as we do our little big elevision talk show at yoga studios, expos, festivals and theaters across the country.

And it looks like I just found my Dream Car. It’s a van—an update of the iconic VW Bus for the age of Climate Change. And you can actually reserve them, now, this is beyond concept (provided you got 128K laying around). Video:

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Read 9 comments and reply

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