December 11, 2008

Your Reusable Shopping Bag: Not So Green After All? CUBS Bags may be the answer.

Grocery shopping at Whole Foods has become a cult-like activity. Everyone carries around the same reusable (yet not made of eco materials, and not truly recyclable) 99 cent Whole Foods bag that they bought a couple months back when this whole ‘ban plastic bags‘ kick (finally) happened. Now, it’s great that Whole Foods is selling such affordable bags…but what you want to bet that they’re made in China, which means they’re shipped halfway around the world?

Want to break away from the pack? Here’s an option that’s actually good lookin’, tough and sustainable to the max (we haven’t reviewed ’em, but they look good). 

CUBS Bags, brought to you by Alexis Baile and Judy Godec:

From their Press Release:


In recognition of their rapidly growing presence in Colorado, CUBS co-founders Alexis Baile and Judy Godec were recently featured on the KMGH Channel 7 11am Weekday Show.   Interviewed at length by veteran broadcaster Bertha Lynn, the co-founders spoke about the origins of CUBS, the uniqueness of the bags themselves, and the importance of sustainability in our time.

“I was delighted to be able to show the eco-conscious beauty Cubs represent to a wide viewing audience,” says Alexis Baile.  “We run the gamut from backpacks to purses, and even our one-of-a-kind high end bags, which are gorgeously detailed, totally sustainable and made with expensive donated and recovered silks and leather, retail for less than a hundred dollars.  Christmas gifts, anyone?”

The video may be viewed at the following link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wk3eQZTGt8.  It features a brief demonstration of the recently introduced Bearclaw bag, whose innovative modular construction and multiple closures make it a fashionable three bags in one!

All CUBS bags (CUBS stand for Cool, Usable Bags that are Sustainable) are handmade in Colorado from remaindered, recovered and reused materials.  The Panda, Kodiak, and Teddy bags employ a backpack style with an exterior pocket also made from recycled fabric sample books.  The higher end purses and bags employ unusual pairings of silk, cotton, leather and other materials.  Available in a wide variety of fabrics, no two identical, CUBS are produced both for private label and wholesale customers.

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If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Alexis Baile please call303-547-6220, or write us at [email protected] .  For viewing and retail availability see www.cubsbags.com.

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