January 21, 2009

A mulleted Kanye West performs at MTV Youth Ball.

I’m watching the Balls tonight, and rewatched Obama’s speech courtesy faithful C-Span, which is faithfully re-showing events of the day including the parade which I’d missed watching with my buddies downtown this morning…and in between blogs, tonight, I checked out Boulder buddy Ryan Van Duzer‘s DC coverage. The Balls are fascinating in how they represent different parts of our history, different communities, different parts of our goverment…and how you get to know Barack and Michelle, who have to attend something like 20 of them tonight after a long day.

Here’s the drill: they turn up in regal tux and gown, Barack gives a little unique (somehow) inspiring (usually) speech, they do a brief ‘old school’ dance and Obama shouts a goodbye to a roaring crowd. And again. And again. And again. 20 times.

They’re gonna sleep well tonight, and they deserve it.

It’ll be a long day tomorrow, I know, Obama’s meeting with Chiefs of Staff and jumping right into it.

Click here for NY Times coverage. Or here. And ignore the talk about Obama being a clumsy dancer ’cause he kept stepping on Michelle’s lovely dress…the thing was so long and trailed so far that she herself had to bunch it up to move, walk, shuffle, breathe.

Highlight of the night thus far: President Obama(oh it feels good to say that)’s speech to the troops at one of the first Balls, and his speech to the youth at the Youth Ball, where earlier Kanye West had set the 5x capacity crowd wild [we’ll get better video up as it becomes available, this is the first and only vid on youtube just now]:

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