February 13, 2009

Every comment helps push it up: My new article for Huffington Post, “What the World Needs Now: a Green Jon Stewart”

Update: Dave Burdick of Huffington just gave a kind shout-out to my latest Huffington Post article.

Would you could you leave a comment? I don’t get paid per comment…I don’t get paid at all. But traffic is the currency of the internet, and if I get enough comments the good folks at Huffington might just promote the hell out of my latest, which would get it traffic and it, and elephantjournal.com, some attention (and traffic). So…if so inspired, please go here and leave a comment, short or long, mean or nice, funny or serious, it’s all good!

what do you get from all these comments? ^^


nothing, they don’t pay, but the more comments I get the more attention they’ll give the post…I asked them to feature it on Green Page, which they did, so hopefully will get lotsa comments!

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Read 3 comments and reply

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