February 4, 2009

Mindful Valentine’s Day Gifts via ABC Home & Planet Foundation.

Ah, free of a romantic valentine yet again this February, it’s fun for me to consider all types of love and gratitude and how we use one word to describe the many different ways in which to feel this emotion. Or even to articulate how we feel about a store as I’ve done in the past with ABC Home (“oh I looooove ABC Home”). I worked one block away from ABC on Broadway in New York City my first summer living there almost nine years ago. At the time, I’d just stroll through the store on my lunch breaks, more simply taking in its beauty than understanding the company’s efforts toward environmental and social responsibility. Fast forward a few years later to when I first met elephantjournal.com’s editor, Waylon Lewis, at a Pangea event held at ABC Home. That one evening connected me to such a mindful crowd, was the birth of new friendships and of course, a chance to be a part of elephant.

So when a friend who I also love that is working with ABC Home and Planet Foundation let me know about its ongoing campaign for meaningful giving, I was happy to spread the word as it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Gifts of Compassion , “truly transcend the box, providing targeted services to heal our planet and its communities in honor of loved ones.” These are gifts that fall into five categories: Creating Home, Empowerment, Planet Protection, Healing, and Animal Compassion and are available at around $100. If you plan on buying multiple gifts, Clusters of Compassion gifts are available in each category for $45 if you order a minimum of five. The presentation looks gorgeous from the photos. Each gift is wrapped in a vintage sari and includes a personalized certificate letting the recipient know of its benefit.

You can find below examples of gifts in each category, and all twenty-four are available for purchase and with participant organizations and more information at the Foundation’s site.

Creating Home. Rebuilding Home After Katrina – Provide a design stipend for an architect to create a new home in collaboration with a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina, restoring strong familial roots for a future of positive growth.

Empowerment. Literacy for an Afghan Girl – Give nine months of math and literacy classes to an Afghan girl with no access to education.

Planet Protection. Protect the Green Halo that Circles Our Planet – Protect the Boreal Forest by training activists to strategically prevent create the destruction of these forests and to advance forest protection practices.

Healing. Homeless Healing – Provide an inner-city homeless mother with tools and support for healthy parenting.

Animal Compassion. Pet Rescue New York City – Give a loving, forever home, medical care and rehabilitation to a stray, neglected or injured dog or cat.

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