June 23, 2009

A Wake-Up Call For Mankind, Religion and Politics ~via Lawrence King.

Excerpt from Lawrence King’s new Book “What The Hell Were You Thinking:”

Politics and religion should go hand in hand, if the agenda is about addressing the issue of saving our planet.  Buddha, Great Spirit, God, Allah, Krishna , Yahweh, or whomever you choose to call your higher power states clearly do unto others as you would have them do unto you and love thy neighbor as thyself.

Our government needs to get their priorities straight, from the President all the way down to our senators and congressman.

Important issues concerning our world are at hand, all of the major religions must unite in order to save our planet, instead of trying to kill each other off in the name of religion.  Our politicians must face the facts about our world falling apart and actually do something about it instead of worrying about if they are going to be reelected or not.  Our generation as well as future generations depend on our actions in order for mankind to survive.

Let faith speak unto faith for the sake of our planet as we know it.  Let the republicans and democrats agree on this topic and implement change for the greater good of our planet.

Living out the words of love, peace, compassion, understanding and tolerance toward each other so that we can focus on the goals of (1) protecting our forests from being depleted of their natural resources, (2) the unnecessary killing of our animals and (3) not polluting our streams, rivers, and oceans throughout the world.  Instead of being concerned with the scenario that your religion or political party is the right one or the way to the real truth, we need to stop, look, and listen to what is happening in the world today.

We already see the physical signs of global warming all across the globe, but we choose to close our eyes and turn our backs on this problem.  The message is loud and clear, if we do not stop polluting our rivers, streams, and oceans, killing off our animals, and destroying our forests all over the world, then hell is going to be a place on earth sometime in the near to immediate future.

As we look up at the sky and into the heavens each and everyday asking God for hope and guidance, we should quickly realize that what we are doing to this planet has nothing to do with God, Allah, Great Spirit, Buddha, Yahweh, or politics, but has everything to do with greed and total insanity.

This is a plea, and hopefully a wake-up call for all of mankind.  Our planet will no longer tolerate the abuse and destruction that we as a people the world over have been subjecting it to.  We must act now to put an end to the issues that plague our planet, before it’s too late.

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