June 3, 2009

Great Green Videos from Current TV via Leah Lamb.

SuperNews: Going Green:

Sick of hearing, “Green is the new black?”  Ever felt the urge to smack someone who jumps on the green bandwagon without…being green?  Well this video’s for you.

(not green related: but for your entertainment value: http://current.com/items/89891774_twouble-with-twitters.htm)

Infomania: Earth Daze: http://current.com/items/89975157_infomania-earth-daze-special.htm (this is a 25 minute show: but is broken down in 2-4 minute bites below)

InfoMania is a half-hour satirical news show that airs on Current TV.  The show puts a comedic spin on the 24-hour chaos and information overload brought about by the constant bombardment of the media.  Hosted by Conor Knighton and co-starring Brett Erlich, Sarah Haskins, Ben Hoffman, and Sergio Cilli, the show airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Times and can be found online at http://current.com/infomania/ or on Current TV.  And make sure to check out our facebook profile for special features at http://infomaniafacebook.com.

Buy a Prius: Get Laid: http://current.com/items/89975158_buy-a-prius-get-laid.htm
It’s Earth Week, and Ben Hoffman has some advice on why YOU should buy a Prius. (Hint: It will get you ass.)

Green Bras and Recycled Dildos http://current.com/items/89975183_green-bras-and-recycled-dildos.htm
The future! It’s full of solar-powered bras, bicycle-powered washers, and recycled dildos.

People Destroying Things: http://current.com/items/89975181_people-destroying-things.htm
As it turns out YouTube is not only a big waste of time but also a ridiculous waste of the earth’s precious natural resources.

Special Earth Day Programming: In The beginning: http://current.com/items/89977849_in-the-beginning.htm
Fuel for our future, explores alternative energy and water turbines. This is the first part of a 6 part series. We will feature a new part of the series each day.

Featured Eco question of the day:

The Creators of Earth: http://current.com/items/89975106_the-creators-of-earth.htm
“earth” directors, Alastair Fothergill & Mark Linfield are special guest hosts Earth Day.

Leah Lamb
Online Producer; Current Green

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