July 31, 2009

Top 10 eco / green iPhone Covers / Cases.

Until we actually reviewing these products, I can’t recommend any of the below (except for number 10). I’m just going to have to list them, and let this be a resource for you eco-minded iPhoners out there. If you get or have one of the below, let us know how it works!

1. The iTube. (pictured at top). This one looks cool. Supercool. And it’s super-eco, given that it’s made of reused materials. But…you gotta take it outta the case, which isn’t super-convenient. We Americans like our cake (convenient) and to eat it, too (green). Not one or the other.

“i-tube is a fancy cover for your iPhone- / iPod and is made, like all our products, out of a used bicycle tubes. The inside has an elastic micro fibre to get the iPhone / iPod easily in and out, to protect the screen and keep it clean. i-tube’s are manufactured in cooperation with a sewing studio. They are resistant, handmade … your gadget fits in any pocket even with the i-tube protection. Size: 6.5 x 11.5 x 1.0cm”

2. The Armpocket. This one’s for working out, for the gym, for runners and other fitness enthusiasts. Not for everyday use. “…Sport 20 made by Armpocket ($30) was eco-friendly, made of bamboo and 100 percent recycled PET fabric (which is made from discarded plastic water bottles)…”

3. Solar iPhone Case from Solar Arcadia. Yah, it’s solar. But it’s bulky looking, and made out of leather—which unless reused or vintage ain’t exactly the obvious eco choice. Oh, and it’s nerd-geek cubicle-friendly ugly. Still, innovative thinking—you can talk for-nearly-ever on this thing, great for travelers. $45.90. Here’s another, just like it, just as solar-cool, just as leather-ugly.

4. Cut a milk jug up DIY project via Planet GreenThis one’s super-green, being made of reused materials—and if you’re into sticking rubber-banded bits of plastic on your belt, you’re clearly an eco virgin, in which case you should stop reading this now and get thee to a brothel.

5. Green Guru/Ecologic Designs, one of my personal fave companies, is coming out with one. They’re currently in development, and looking for feedback on design, materials.

6. SUN YELLOW 100% Organic Hemp iPod/iPhone Case. “No petroleum.” This thing looks cute, but probably scratches everything, and you gotta take it outta the case to use it.

7. Incipio ECOcase for iPhone 3G, 3G S (Canvas). Only $13 bucks!

8. Maybe my fave so far, other than #10. Agent18 EcoShield Case for iPhone 3G, 3G S (Black) $21, not bad. Convenient to use. Positive reviews. No info on the plastic being made of recycled plastic bottles, would love to learn more about that before committing.

9. Uh…can’t find any more…you all know of something I’ve missed? Lemme know in Comments, below, and I’ll add it in.

10. Nothing. Naked. Leave the beautiful, sleek, sensuous design be. The greenest, ecoest thing of all is to buy nothing—just don’t drop it, or you’ll spend some green and create a whole new product, which has to get made just for you and your clumsy ass self.

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