August 29, 2009

Childhood friends, reunited for an hour.

Jesse Grimes, Noel McLellan & Waylon Lewis. At Hapa Sushi, Boulder, August, 2009.

What happens when you age, we’re just discovering, is that you’re continually wide-eyed at every birthday. I’m 32?! I’m 33! I’m 34?! WTF, I’m 35. It keeps happening. Before you know it you’re your parents. You have children. You hair is thinning and you never see each other any more. You’re busy working, and maybe playing, and yet…you’re still just who you were, when you get together for lunch with one another once or twice a year, when you were 10 and trying Tofutti ice cream for the first time, watching the Bears win the Super Bowl, or when you were lanky and biking about in your Chuck Taylors making trouble or consoling me about how those mean kids picked on me in junior high.

Life is short, you miss half of it, it’s precious, and take those lunches ’cause before you know it you’re dead.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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