August 30, 2009

What would Duzer do? Host A Bike Party.

New Belgium Beer is Free if you Bike, $20 a cup if you drive.

Most parties are fun for us, no fun for Mother Earth. We drive. We fill up trash bags. But bike parties are easy. Photos.

Duzer is a crazy guy, but a good guy. That’s a great combination. Duzer is, perhaps like myself, a distinctively Boulder-born-n-bred boy. Duzer is fun. Duzer likes beer. Duzer likes bikes. Duzer just biked across the country, 3,300 miles—on a cruiser. Click here for more.

Here’s a bunch of photos. Some of his cross country voyage on a three-speed brown gold Duzer Cruiser that the good folks at New Belgium gave him. Then, there’s a bunch of photos of his Bike Party, that I attended last night.

What’s a bike party? A bike party’s where you say “beer is free if you bike. It’s wind-powered local New Belgium, yum. Or, if you want to drive, it’s $20 a cup.” There were hundreds of bikes. Okay, maybe dozens upon dozens. Most of the photos of bikes are mine, which I started snapping in amazement at how many bikes were laying around, locked or unlocked, leaning, lying down…before I even realized that Ryan had asked his friends to bike to his I’m Back from Biking across the USA Party.

The photos of the cross-country trip are from Ryan and friends. The good quality bike party photos are from Ryan’s rockin’ mama, Donna.

Enjoy, and host your own bike party, it’s so easy. And fun!

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