September 13, 2009

eConsciousmarket.com Alkemie Jewelry Sale (Fave of Young Hollywood).

3 Day Only Alkemie Sale at eConsciousMarket.com Starts Now!

by Elise Ertel

Love how a green jewelry line can both

  • dangle on the necks and wrists of young Hollywood at a TEEN Vogue October photoshoot while simultaneously
  • promoting eco and social responsibility in the Jewelry industry?

Or how this line brings awareness to environmental issues such as

  • the startling harmful effects of mining for metals and
  • social issues like children working in dangerous conditions to mine and mount stones

…all while being able to rock out Gavin Rossdale and Miley Cyrus’ trendy image?

How, you ask, can an eco chic company make such celebs look up from their bubblized worlds of scripts and tweets long enough to take notice of a jewelry line upping the green bar for fashion standards?

Well, I’m not sure if it is the undeniable “hotness” of the brand or just because it is currently sold at Fred Segal, but Alkemie Jewelry is taking off in all directions. From Discovery Channel’s Planet Green acknowledging the pioneering effort of Alkemie’s collaborative designers Dara Gerson and Ashley Lowengrub as “Change Makers” to the glossy pages of Lucky, Marie Claire and Vogue, to even the sexy pixilated screens of elephantjournal readers:

Alkemie Jewelry is so totally awesome.

The fine balance of the adjectives green and hot manifest in each Alkemie piece in a process called Alkemie itself: the art of transforming something common into something precious. (who really spells things according to the dictionary anyway these days?) The process first begins with the partnership’s visionary designs and a lump of molted metals reclaimed in Southern California. 100% forged from recycled copper, sterling and zinc, each one of a kind piece is poured, molded and handcrafted in downtown LA.

For equal parts art and accessory, eco and chic, Hollywood and nuevo-hippie, Alkemie seems to have the secret recipe for molding the perfect blend. Your Alkemie piece of global responsibility and hotness is on sale now!!

20% OFF at   http://www.econsciousmarket.com/site/Vendors/Alkemie/

For more info on Alkemie’s designers, philosophy, press and jewelry, check out their website.

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