September 19, 2009

elephantjournal.com Staff Meeting at Hapa Sushi, noon, Friday Sept 11.

Our staff is smaller now, since we’ve gone paperless—but in some ways it’s bigger, too, considering we have steadily contributing writers from coast-to-coast, sea to shining sea.

Every Friday, noon, we get together at one of the restaurants supporting us and talk work, talk life…we begin and end with a bow, go through our weeks, our agendas, pick action items and then…once the food arrives, we try (and fail, often) to let go and just be humans with one another. It really helps when the going gets stressful to actually like whomever you’re working with.


Lindsey Cash, the one pictured alone, has just come on board to help produce our Walk the Talk Show, starting at Naropa University on November 10th and going for 12 straight months, second Thursday of every month. Walk the Talk Show videos, four a month, will be shared with 20 web sites, thus far, who’ve agreed to feature our videos in return for traffic, free content, links in our blogs and shoutouts in public…and a listing in every video’s credits.

Lindsey Block, dark hair, is in charge of advertising. She’s pretty much the only day-to-day person who stuck with me through the transition, though at one point I hadn’t paid her for a few months. She’s the reason there’s any ads on this site.

Elise Ertel is the most senior of our interns-for-credit+yoga from University of Colorado. She’s great, into ecofashion, entrepreneurial, rides a cool bike with a Brooks saddle, and helps us by posting lots of content, and writing some original pieces of her own. Without her we wouldn’t have half the traffic we got.

Hapa Sushi is one of few advertisers to stick with us when I made them cliff-leap away from paper to online. I always order the same thing: green tea, edamame (cold, salt), veggie tempura, and teriyaki tofu with brown rice and siracha on the side.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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