September 11, 2009

Photos: Reel Rock Tour at Boulder Theater sold out; line around the block.

The Reel Rock Tour (click here for video trailer with highlights) presents the work of Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen, Wade Johnson and many others. Tonight was dedicated to the memory of Wade, Jonny Copp, and Micah Dash.

Even as a not-real-climbers, my friend Lindsey and I found the films alternately fun, riveting, edge-of-the-seat-scary; as always I’m left in awe, admiration and wonderment that climbers live and sleep in the intimate company of that line between life and death they choose to call adventure, and I call get-me-the-hell-out-of-here (I get scared topping out on a 3+ problem at the Spot, after all these years).

As you’ll see by the (lack of) quality of many of the photos below, this post could be subtitled:

Or, how I miss Caroline Treadway, elephant’s professional photographer

who moved out East a little while ago.

All the photos below were taken with my flash-less iPhone after, yes, four shots of espresso. Nevertheless, hope they give you a flavor.

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