September 13, 2009

Serving Indian Youth. [Amala Foundation Goes to Bhatti Mines.]

Bhatti Mines is one of the most impoverished areas of New Delhi: slum-like conditions offer little shelter, no running water, no schools, no health services, and few jobs other than manual labor, which children begin at the age of five to help support their families.

by Sarah Miller

My first experience with The Amala Foundation was serving youth this summer at the annual Global Youth Peace Summit outside of Austin, Texas. Kids from all over the world and the United States came to represent their countries. They brought their powerful experiences to share. As a group, and as individuals, we grew- while the older volunteers basked in the authenticity and honesty of these powerful, young individuals.
I hope to be involved with the Summit every year. I now understand the care and compassion that Vanessa and the entire Amala Foundation puts into their acts of service. It is rare to find this and it is a true blessing to be involved and serve.

Find out more about the Amala Foundation and their service in India at the Bhatti Mines School.

“There is a yearning in all of us: to contribute, to give, to serve. It is part of the human being, it is part of human nature, it is woven within you to want to engage in a service that is going to benefit not only the people you love the most, but The Whole…”

-Vanessa Stone

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