September 17, 2009

The White House Farmers’ Market: photos, location & map.

Update: click here for blow-by-blow and photos of Michelle Obama’s appearance and speech at first Market!

Presidential leadership is about vision. It’s about planning ahead, and guiding our society in a manner that takes our grandchildren’s grandchildren into consideration—after all, we all want America to continue to be a source of inspiration and good governance the world over.

But leadership is also about walking your talk: the devil, and angels, are in the details. And so it is particularly inspiring to see the Obamas welcome a farmers’ market to their neighborhood. After all, supporting US farmers and eating healthfully is something Republicans and Democrats, and even those Liberatarian types can get behind.

Via NYTimes.com:

In August, Mr. Obama said that he’d like to find a way to get a farmers market right near the grand residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“One of the things that we’re trying to do now is to figure out, can we get a little farmers market—outside of the White House,’’ Mr. Obama said at a health care forum. “That is a win-win situation.’’

“It gives D.C. more access to good, fresh food, but it also is this enormous potential revenue-maker for local farmers in the area,’’ he said. “Those kinds of connections can be made all throughout the country, and — and has to be part of how we think about health.’’

And now, it’s official (see the purple line, that’s where the market will be).

Photoshopped photo below, via Ecorazzi:

One more, via Eat the View (click here for great videos):

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