September 17, 2009

Yoga Woman Tee Shirts {Tara Stiles}

Tara Stiles is one of our favorite peoples, here at elephantjournal.com. If God…who we don’t particularly believe in (or disbelieve in, for that matter)…were to re-flood the world, we’d be sure to save her a window seat on the Ark (you, too). Why? ‘Cause she works hard, tirelessly, and joyfully, with a light touch, to get the good word out re how to live a good life that’s good for our planet to the masses. And that’s our mission, here at ele HQ (the Trident Cafe, this afternoon).

And so it is, from time to time, I check out what she’s been up to (blogging, touring, yogaing, getting famous generally) and do a blog on her.

My latest search was prompted by her latest at Huffington, where we’re both featured columnists. Reading her column (perhaps ’cause it had the word “naked” in it) I then searched for an image to accompany a blog saying, “Check out her latest blog, and support it with a comment.” I tripped across some Tara Stiles tees, which I think are cool, ironic (riffing off and empowering those objectifying trucker girl images on mudflaps) and stylish, just as Tara is herself. Check it:

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Read 2 comments and reply

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