October 10, 2009

A Lunch at Salt, a new “green” Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado.

Just finally had my first “green” lunch at Salt in Boulder, Colorado. I joined my realtor and friend, and advertiser, Liz Benson, who was giving me some advice, and we both ordered a delicious, seasonal (meaning it’s only on the menu when the ingredients are out in the fields) squash salad. I ordered coffee—was impressed that they french press it, meaning it’s fresher than the best coffee you’ve had elsewhere. Forgot to ask where the coffee was from, what company, but I was more or less just there on personal business, not doing a review..!

I also ordered some fries, with homemade katsup. Ketchup? And I was suprised with a vegetarian sandwich—fresh motz, tomato, basil—delicious. If you don’t see something on the menu (like a veggie sandwich), our charming server encouraged us, just ask.

Bradford Heap, the chef and owner, stopped by ours and many other tables, meeting his guests and catching up with regulars. He and I talked a bit more about Salt’s extensive, historically-respectful renovations (he re-exposed and restored the old tin ceilings, with a hand from David Bolduc of the Boulder Bookstore), Bradford also opened up the huge windows and recreated something similar to the original huge doors that are visible in historic photographs.

Anyways—couldn’t have been better. I’ve been by a fair amount for drinks just celebrated my friend Lindsey’s 26th birthday there the other night, but was happy to finally dine. With thanks to Liz Benson—


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Read 4 comments and reply

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