October 26, 2009

Everything old is organic again.

Organic ain’t Hippie.

It’s Old-Fashioned.

There’s nothing new about organic food. It ain’t hippie, or yuppy, or liberal. It’s what our grandparents ate. It’s what we all ate, for all time, up until after World War I, when the chemical war companies changed over their wares into fertilizers and we started agribusiness, industrial farming, penning our animals in and using sewage sludge and poisons and genetically-modified overly processed crap.

So remember, when you visit your grandma, as I did a few years back, and they say “I don’t know about all this organic stuff, it’s pricey, I think it’s a racket”…you can just say nah, this is what your parents and everyone before them ate. It’s the last 50 or so years that are the anomaly. Organic is, or ought to be, “conventional.” Conventional is what’s weird.


As seen today at the Ojai Farmers’ Market: organic isn’t anything new. It’s everything old-fashioned.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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