October 10, 2009

Like your music with a side of social justice? You’ll love Trevor Hall.

“…We love The Divine, you know?”

If you like Michael Franti or Matisyahu, you’ll want to add sensitive blond reggae boy Trevor Hall (who’s opening for Franti on current tour, see excerpt below) to your music mix. Videos:

Click here for full story. Excerpt:

“…Michael Franti has not worn shoes, except in legally required situations like airline flights, in nine years. Considering the amount of social justice, humanitarian, and peace issues that Franti is involved with, one might assume that his barefoot status represents a cause. Turns out, Franti just enjoys it.

The same balance is found in his music: a blend of reggae, funk, rock, pop, and what your music textbook might refer to as “world music.”

Opening for Franti and his group Spearhead was Trevor Hall, a young California-based singer also riding the acoustic/reggae/pop wave. Hall played with just a drummer and a bassist, creating a simple entry portal for the audience into the night’s offerings. Youthful and improbably appealing, Hall sang joyful songs about falling in love and breaking the bonds of difference in the world.

Many songs by Franti and Trevor Hall deal with humanitarian issues. In fact, considering how unendingly upbeat the music and atmosphere of the night was, there were more references to war than in a drunken conversation between Julius Caesar and Michael Moore…”

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