October 26, 2009

What’s One Riot?

The other night after going out with friends in Venice and Santa Monica and before doing something else and whatever I found myself in the bathroom at Jen Sall’s pad just off of Abbott Kinney. I’d been sporting my stylee One Riot tee all day in meetings with green business types, a producer, going to cool yoga hotspots and biking all over town, hanging at killer cafes and whatnot…and failed to get a pic of my wearing the One Riot tee.

One Riot is a Boulder, Colorado based search engine company that promises “real time search.” Meaning, when you “google” through One Riot, you’re not getting aggregated virtual knowledge, you’re getting search based on what’s au currant. What’s actually live and true in the here and now.

Traditional search engines crawl the web by systematically following links between billions of pages, then indexing the content on those pages. Broadly, they consider the link to be a signal to an important piece of content.

OneRiot, in contrast, considers realtime activity on the social web when determining which pages to index. We consider the links people are tweeting, or digging, or sharing on other services, as a signal to an important piece of content.

In the last two years there has been an explosion in the number of links being shared across the realtime social web. This in part has been driven by the phenomenal growth of Twitter. But the realtime web is much wider than Twitter.

Don’t get it? You can also use ’em for feeds for content focused on sports, green, politics, business, whatever you want.

Anyways, here’s my tee. For all the cool spots I was in all day, a shot in a bathroom in LA ain’t the most exciting. But it’s probably the only quiet moment I had all day, the only time I thought to snap a pic of myself in their cool tee.

So here’s to you, One Riot!

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