November 21, 2009

Hablemos de la Muerte ~ mfkzt ~”Thus you see that nature has to be amended by its own like nature;”

SUPER FOOD ~ Holy Grail~ quarks and superconductivity~ Monatomic Gold, Is it The Fountain of Youth? Monoatomic Gold its said to have extraordinary powers of levitation, transmutation and teleportation, synchronizes Brain Hemispheres, increases awareness.

Egyptians described it as mfkzt (vowels are omitted in the hieroglyph translation), while the Alexandrians venerated it as a gift from Paradise and later chemists such as Nicolas Flamel called it the Philosophers’ Stone.

“Monatomic gold allows subconsciously held beliefs and worries to surface and become understood; this process happens sequentially, bringing to light one issue at a time. Monatomic Gold helps to develop keen insight and psychic abilities”.

There is some new info from Laurence Gardiner and the study at Oxford University about Monatomic Gold. The scientist were injecting gold with saline into their study subject’s veins, I think 3 people from 1000 got some type of Palsy – part of their faces became paralyzed, but they recovered. So they canceled the entire study after a few weeks or maybe a month in, due to possible negative side effects. I have being trying to google the information but I haven’t been lucky yet to find anything related to these new happenings, BUT in the process look what I found!
Lawrence Gardner on Monoatomic Gold

The Book of the Dead refers to hyper-dimension realm called the Field of Mfkzt, which is now determined as a superconductive energy field of high-spin metallurgy. With modern physicists, Lau… videoplay?docid=2129165010048711403&hl=en#

ORMUS, MONATOMIC GOLD is it the Perfect Super food?

Picture your every cell as a galaxy with a spinning black hole (singularity) at its center and a renewed event horizon (membrane) allowing it to magnetize new energy levels, awareness’s, and cellular attitudes. Some believe it was what helped Mother Mary when she was carrying baby Jesus in her womb. His gifts included telepathy, the basic ability to sense positive and negative attributes and the special gift of projection. WOW ~

Ormus, Monatomic Gold, Is it The Fountain of Youth?

When discussing the attributes of monatomic gold and the platinum group metals in Genesis of the Grail Kings, Laurence Gardner remarked that it would not be long before the potential of these noble metals was announced for environment-friendly fuel cells. These, He suggested, would supersede fossil fuels for transportation and other practical purposes. At the same time, He touched on their future use in the medical arena, particularly in the field of cancer treatment. More especially, he looked at the gravity-defying attributes of these exotic white-powder substances and at their abilities to superconductor and literally bend space-time.

At all stages of its history, the sacred “powder of projection” was reckoned to have extraordinary powers of levitation, transmutation and teleportation. It was said to produce brilliant light and deadly rays, while at the same time being a key to active physical longevity. In today’s world, the Institute for Advanced Studies (Austin, Texas, USA) has described the substance as “exotic matter”, and superconductivity (one of its primary characteristics) has been claimed by the Center for Advanced Study (University of Illinois, USA) as “the most remarkable physical property in the universe”.


It is clear, however, from the documentary evidence of ancient times that the attributes of superconductors and gravity defiance were known, even if not understood, in a distant world of priestly levitation, godly communication and the phenomenal power of the electrikus. In Greek mythology the quest for the secret of this substance was at the heart of the Golden Fleece legend, while in biblical terms it was the mystical realm of the Ark of the Covenant–the golden coffer, which Moses brought out of Sinai and was later, housed in the Temple of Jerusalem.

Irrespective of all this, the earliest historical record of mfkzt powder is probably the most telling of all. It appears in a very specific guise in the Egyptian Pyramid Texts–sacred writings that adorn the 5th-dynasty pyramid tomb of King Unas at Saqqara. Here is described the locality in which the King is said to live forever with the gods, and it is called the Field of Mfkzt–an ethereal location associated with an otherworldly dimension called the Field of the Blessed.

Given that mysterious processes concerning gold have an alchemical ring about them, and since the monatomic powder of projection, although made from noble metals, is classified as a “stone”, let us consider the writings of the 17th-century alchemist Eirenaeus Philalethes. This renowned British philosopher–revered by Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Elias Ashmole and others of his day–produced a work in 1667 entitled Secrets Revealed. In this treatise, he discussed the nature of the Philosophers’ Stone, which was commonly thought to transmute base metal into gold. Setting the record straight, Philalethes made the point that the Stone was itself made of gold, and that the Philosophers’ art was in perfecting this process: Our Stone is nothing but gold digested to the highest degree of purity and subtle fixation …Our gold, no longer vulgar, is the ultimate goal of Nature.

In another treatise entitled A Brief Guide to the Celestial Ruby, Philalethes pronounced: It is called a Stone by virtue of its fixed nature; it resists the action of fire as successfully as any stone. In species it is gold, more pure [sic] than the purest; it is fixed and incombustible like a stone, but its appearance is that of a very fine powder.

Some time earlier, in the 15th century, the French alchemist Nicolas Flame wrote in his Last Testament, dated 22 November 1416, that when the noble metal was perfectly dried and digested it made a fine “powder of gold”, which is the Philosophers’ Stone.

Modern Alchemy

Today, in the present year of 2009…oh, no, wait, the year 5770…or is it the year 1430…I think it is Heisei 21 year…let just call it the Year of the OX…or use the Mayan date of today… nine yellow lama star ~ intakes, lambaste, love ~

Anyway…as I was saying in this evolutionary day of today’s sunlight and crescent moon there is an Alchemist that sells Gold, her name is Brendan, who makes her gold products  – quote – MADE WITH LOVE, PEACE & JOY.

She says that White Powder Gold, Ormus created by Alchemical Elixirs is the Worlds Best Monatomic Manna; Alchemical Elixirs uses Organic Alchemy to create its Ormus. It synchronizes Brain Hemispheres, increases Psychic ability and creates Joy, Health and longevity. Slchemical Elixirs create its products for Naturopaths, Herbalists and all types of Alternative Health and Ayurvedic Practitioners around the Planet.

It is now believed by many in the scientific community that cells in an organism communicate by light, using a superconducting system of the microtubules of every cell. Since monatomic Rhodium and Iridium have been isolated from brain tissue at a fairly high level (5% by dry matter weight), some believe that they may play a crucial role in consciousness. In fact, the Noble Metals and Platinum Group Elements are found quite abundantly throughout the natural world in the monatomic state.

MY EXPERIENCE and my theory about tempo and karma

My understanding: we go through that same process without the gold, everyday, in a slower tempo because of our little awareness of our subconscious, our transformation degree is manageable by our own ability to see ourselves as we are or our choice to deny what we don’t want to see…(with out monatomic gold)…

With gold we are forced to see the subconscious and deal with it. One can choose to react to it or to respond to it. When reacting, the character is dominated by the lower frequency of thinking. When responding, the character is transcended by the highest vibration practices. The more discipline into practice (meditation) the fastest the transcendence of the subconscious imprint accumulated by the limiting conditioning of experience is…

The more breaths per minute the less thoughts. The more thoughts per minute the less breathing, this fact measures your level of awareness at the highest vibration level. It has been this practice of meditation and love that has pulled me out of the lowest vibration pull of the human vices of the mind (like it does too without the mono atomic gold)…

The higher doses of mono atomic gold taken brought to the surface my greatest element in relationship with others – Trust – which has been a leading path in the way I relate with the world – so it is not the gold that makes one “paranoid” about the outside world ~ all those insecurities are there at the human level – the challenge is to transcend that state in order to go to the next one (whichever that one is)…

Which leaves me with the hypothesis that: to take monatomic gold one must be willing to see the self as it is and have the strength to accept one’s own humanity with compassion and love; also must have a solid transcendental practice as a tool to evolve through the karma revealed…it is like:

Buddha in deep meditation encircles himself with trust in the higher good when the serpent and the lyon and the woman (lower frequencies of desire) try to frighten him/lure/seduce him out of his higher meditation state that requires a pure heart and a peaceful mind – or it is like jesus in the desert battling with the “devil” while in deep meditation…

Then, I would not recommend inject monatomic Gold through the veins  🙂 …scientists, always doubting the absolute omnipresence of God in all things dare to alter natural states in order to achieve recognition in discovery, a low vibration of the self…why did they decide to use needles and inject monatomic gold via the blood? didn’t they read all this information? In sacred texts it clearly says gold DIGESTED, are they crazy? This is an element that is demonstrating us the quality of traveling space through time and levitation, the qualities of light ~ bringing awareness to the self one issue at a time, one by one, I can’t imagine injecting it to the blood ~ by experience I say that face paralysis can happen from too much stress, and you and I know that stress is caused by too much thinking…

If at all use monatomic gold as the sacred texts describe…have respect for the light ~

In reflection of my experience with Monatomic Gold I leave you with this  ~ FROM THE TIBETAN BOK OF LIVING AND DYING:
The wise guide

Two people have been living in you all your life. One is the ego, garrulous, demanding, hysterical, calculating; the other is the hidden spiritual being, whose still voice of wisdom you have only rarely heard or attended to. As you listen more and more to the teachings, contemplate them, and integrate them into your life, your inner voice, our innate wisdom of discernment, what we call in Buddhism “discriminating awareness,” is awakened and strengthened, and you begin to distinguish between its guidance and the various clamorous and enthralling voices of ego. The memory of your real nature, with all its splendor and confidence, begins to return to you.

You will dinf, in fact, that you have uncovered in yourself your own wise guide. Because he or she knows you through and through, since he or she is you, your guide can help you, with increasing clarity and humor, negotiate all the difficulties of your thoughts and emotions. Your guide can also e a continual, joyful, tender, sometimes teasing presence, who knows always what is best for you and will help you find more and more ways out of your obsession with your habitual responses and confused emotions. As the voice of your discriminating awareness grows stronger and clearer, you will start to distinguish between its truth and the various deceptions of the ego, and you will be able to listen to it with discernment and confidence.

The more often you listen to this wise guide, the more easily you will be able to change your negative moods yourself, see through them, and even laugh at them for the absurd dramas and ridiculous illusions that they are. Gradually you will find yourself able to free yourself more and more quickly from the dark emotions that have ruled your life, and this ability to do so is the greatest miracle of all. Tertön Sogyal, the Tibetan mystic, said that he was not really impressed by someone who could turn the floor into the ceiling or fire into water. A real miracle, he said, was if someone could liberate just one negative emotion.

More and more, then, instead of the harsh and fragmented gossip that ego has been talking to you all your life, you will find yourself hearing in your mind the clear directions of the teachings, which inspire, admonish, guide, and direct you at every turn. The more you listen, the more guidance you will receive. If you follow the voice of your wise guide, the voice of your discriminating awareness, and let ego fall silent, you come to experience that presence of wisdom and joy and bliss that you really are. A new life, utterly different from that when you were masquerading as your ego, begins in you. And when death comes, you will have learned already in life how to control those emotions and thoughts that in the states of earth, the bardos, would otherwise take on an overwhelming reality.

When your amnesia over your identity begins to be cured, you will realize finally that dak dzin, grasping at self, is the root cause of all your suffering. You will understand at last how much harm it has done both to yourself and to others, and you will realize that both the noblest and the wisest thing to do is to cherish others instead of cherishing yourself. This will bring healing to your heart, healing to your mind, and healing to your spirit.

It is important to remember always that the principle of egoless ness does not mean that there was an ego in the first place, and the Buddhists did away with it. On the contrary, it means there was never any ego at all to begin with. To realize that is called “egoless ness.”



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