November 8, 2009

Oppressive socialistic Boulder environmentalists vs. McMansion house-flippers.

FAR: green or Big Brother, or both? It’s our latest entry in the oppressive socialistic Boulder environmentalists vs. McMansion house-flippers greed vs. green fest.


Just got this Friend request in my Facebook inbox:

“Are you aware that January 4th, 2010 the City of Boulder’s Compatible Development Ordinance goes into effect, placing new restrictions on the size of addition you can build onto your House? There’s still time to beat these new regulations. Contact us today for an evaluation of your Home.”

Boulder, Colorado’s City Council had the nerve to try and limit the size of a house in proportion to its yard, and its neighbors’ homes. It’s called F.A.R., for those of you who want street cred when bitching about oppressive socialistic Boulder environmentalists.

The (admittedly imperfect) regulations just passed after a months’ long fight in the Council chambers…and this “eco-responsible,” “just-plain-courteous” new regulations meant to limit house-flippers have provoked…

…a bonanza for the architecture, design, developer, house-flipping and construction communities!

Leave it to we Americans to see the green (as in money, this time) loophole-ful lining to any new law. Given that FAR regulations go into effect in a few months, some firms, like below, are advertising to those who wanna blow up their homes McMansion-style before Big Brother tells ’em that 5000 square feet is. Just. Too. Much.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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