December 23, 2009

A Great Day at the Garden

Community gardening is a magic experience…

Tibetan Prayer Flags at the Garden

I have a patch at a community garden. The experience of getting close to the fragrant, rich soil and growing delicious food in a community garden is so beautiful that I started an online community called Zoobird. It’s become a tradition to post little articles there tracking “Great Days at the Garden”.

Nick at the Garden

The garden is interesting from several standpoints. A great variety of food and flowers are grown there. It’s a social atmosphere. And it enhances the neighborhood, which has experienced a definite boost in aesthetics from its presence.


So, let’s get right down to this “great day at the garden”. What was great about it? well, Nick is a new gardener. He just moved in across the street with his wife (lucky! – I am 10 miles away). He grows strawberries, among other things. We shared info about what we grow in our respective patches. Nick told me about the perennial nature of strawberries, which I loved hearing about because…well, strawberries are just soooo good.


I had a look at my patch. There’s some broccoli definitely ready to plan a dinner with. Reminded me of a 60-ish year old guy I had breakfast with last March at the Crested Butte hostel who was having a big plate of broccoli.

He said he did better on the ski slopes with broc under his belt.

Spring Planting

We have a little bulletin board at the community garden with hints about what to plant in the spring and fall. I took a peek, thinking that spring planting is right around the corner.

Permaculture Lessons

That bulletin board is cool because it propagates info like this Permaculture Class. Stuff like this class is becoming more and more popular. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Dinner, waiting to be plucked

I especially like to come to the garden with a bag and scizzors. I can gather enough stuff to make a delicious meal.The whole thing is so nice. It’s an easy friendship with benefits, as they say. Stay tuned…I’ll post more about community gardening. Click here to see the rest of this Great Day at the Garden album. You’ll see some mighty tasty serrano peppers. It’s time now for a bike ride to lunch…

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Read 2 comments and reply

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