December 14, 2009

Tara Reid, post-liposuction and botched breast implants, warns others.

Tara Reid warns other women about the dangers of plastic surgery…then poses for Playboy.

Watch out, parents: those harmless fashion magazines and cute Princess movies and wholesome TV shows and other usual suspects glamorize tall, thin (except for nice perky breasts) and (often) blond. And your daughter may grow up to, like Tara Reid, to want to unnaturally enhance that beauty.

Post lipo (leaving scars), post breast implants (which she had to have re-done), she’s now posing (with bleached blond hair) for Playboy, that once-great troublemaking counterculture magazine with real literature that now has become the voice of the frat boy/fake breast/bleached blond establishment.

That said, Tara is warning other young women to do their research before getting implants or liposuction—a warning that, hopefully, will be heard. Via Huff Post:

Reid is known for the botched breast implants and stomach liposuction she had to have revised and later went public about, warning others to do their research before going under the knife.

“I know there are problems with my stomach. There are bumps on it, it’s uneven, but it’s not that bad. My stomach scars are my battle wounds.”

I personally hope that no loved one would go under the knife for such. I personally am not attracted to fleshy balloons, and don’t know any guys who are.

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