January 30, 2010

More wisdom in less time.

As seen on Facebook: an ad reading:

“…Top Personal Growth Product of 2010: PhilosophersNotes – more wisdom in less time.”

Spiritual Materialism…or Accessible Practicality meets Self-Help?

We here at elephant are on the fence when it comes to spiritual products like The Secret…the materialistic focus seems out of place on a path or system of paths that’s devoted to connecting us more directly to reality.

Still, though, of course, we don’t have a problem with money, with buying or selling, with basic practicality. It’s all a part of life. And Brian Johnson is an established entrepreneur in a self-help, spiritual demographic that is willing, nay eager to live life fully, and wisely, and well.

Still, though, this latest…er, “personal growth product” via our colleague Mr. Johnson—a Serial Social/Spiritual Entrepreneur (he was the founder of Zaadz, a spiritual networking site we took part in that was bought up by Gaiam)…gives us a goose bumps.

So, on behalf of elephantjournal.com, I hereby cordially invite Mr. Johnson to enlighten us as to said Product in comments below and/or in his own writeup, which we’ll feature on this site…and while we look forward to reviewing and learning more, we promise in the meantime to refrain from outright cynicism.

Still, though, doesn’t mean you have to. Vote below, enlighten us, which way doth the spiritual materialism or practical wisdom winds blow?

Yay or nay?

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Read 75 comments and reply

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