January 24, 2010

New Music: Donnie Mortimer in the Studio

If you’ve haven’t heard of this man, you need to check this out. He’s a kind soul, a brother, and a highly creative artist and musician. His album is not even out yet, but I had the privilege of dropping in the studio for a couple days and taking some photos of Donnie and the band at work.

Donnie Mortimer. Photo by Rusty Ralston

Until the band releases the record, you can listen in on some studio out-takes and some photos from the studio in Garrison, NY near the Hudson River. Check out the studio blog here: http://mortimermusic.blogspot.com/ . Also, I’m not sure when the album will officially release or what the official band name will be, but you can bet on seeing him perform in Boulder, NYC, Nashville and beyond.

The new record is a full-band record that Donnie and friends find very naturally (and it sounds amazing!!), and it’s nice to here some older acoustic demos take shape with a fantastic band of misfits from around the country. The new record has Boulderite Tres Altman throwing down some keys and guitars, as well as South Carolinian Jim Stephens on guitar, Columbus, OH native Shaun Higgins on drums, and Nashvillian Jason Harris on the bass. Oh, not to mention the Irish producer Gerry Leonard (aka Spooky Ghost) producing the record and counting off the start of each song in his Irish accent… A One, A Two, A One Two *Treee* Four. How can you not love that? Amazing!

So, Enjoy the music and keep your ear open! Also, check out his alter-ego Sportimer and his breakdancing moves

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Rusty is a freelance blogger and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY

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